Web Content Management

The services provided by INFORMATED center around its product, LUPA. It is a light-weight, simple, quick-publishing, user-controlled, collaboration-supported, secured, low-cost, and effective tool that is well-suited for businesses' or organizations' internet or intranet websites, and for projects that desire collaborative content contribution within an organization or across the globe. The range of services is as follows:

  • Analyze client's content needs
  • Collect and define requirements
  • Define a site's navigation structure
  • Define a site's information architecture
  • Define needed templates
  • Produce the desired screen layout
  • Customize LUPA to suit specific needs
  • Expand LUPA to add new functionality wanted by clients
  • Build a whole website for clients
  • Initialize a site by populating needed data
  • Integrate with a business's current user authentication solution
  • User training
  • Operational support after LUPA is implemented

INFORMATED understands well the tools and technologies in the web content management arena as well as various issues. INFORMATED understands that each business is unique and will work closely with clients to understand their unique requirements for effective management. If LUPA is NOT a proper solution for a particular business, INFORMATED will honestly make it clear to clients and will help them find another one with free consultation; if LUPA is the right solution and a business wants it, then INFORMATED will do its best to ensure the business enjoys a smooth and pleasant journey to a new world! Please contact INFORMATED for a free consultation, presentation, and demo!

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