Software Solutions

INFORMATED specializes in enterprise software solutions, capable of services in the following areas:

  • Customer needs analysis and requirements specification
  • System planning, software architecture, design, implementation, testing, customization, and integration
  • OO design, data modeling, database design, SOA, agile processes and technologies, and various types of technical documents
  • System operational support
  • Market research for customers and 3rd-party product evaluation

INFORMATED tracks and is proficient in the latest software technologies and practices. It is capable of delivering practical, viable, and the best solutions available to clients to maximize their ROI (return on investment).

INFORMATED is familiar with the best business practices when working with clients, especially with government clients by following their practices, rules, and policies.

INFORMATED puts customer satisfaction as its first priority and is determined and accustomed to going extra miles in order to perfect its services and solutions, oftentimes without additional cost to clients. INFORMATED's commitment to 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction is put on written paper and in action.

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